Anna Costa


My name is Anna, I’m a full time mom, full time ”heaaaa” stylist, semi-pro beach bum, wanna be rock-star, and a little bit sarcastic… sumtimes.


I have a wicked Boston accent.

I like to spell the way things sound (in a Boston accent of course)

I’m a work out junkie because I love to eat.

I may look small, but I can kick your butt.

My favorite food is sushi. any time of day.

I love the taste of real food, don’t even bother giving me anything light, diet or 0-calorie.

I am Asian, so I will always looks like I am a teenager.

I have a serious obsession with stars.

I tahhk really loud when I am excited…and think no one can hear me, but every1 does

I love tattoos and I don’t care if they have meaning.

I love the beach, but sand is just the WORST.

I like to be awesome Auntie Anna and give kids candy when their parents say no.

I am border line inappropriate 96% of the time.

I have dreams of becoming a professional break dancer. I have zero rhythm. zero.

I don’t believe in regret, because at one point, it’s exactly what you wanted.

I believe family is the truest bond you can have and that family doesn’t always mean sharing genes.

I hate change, but I can’t wait to see what’s next.

I just met you, but you I know we will be best friends.


Styling to me, is capturing and celebrating life’s greatest moments. I want to be part of your moment. All too often we forget that every person is beautiful, every person is funny, and every person is loved. I want you to smile. I want you to laugh, and most of all I want you to remember how gorgeous you are.

on a serious note…

I graduated in 1993 from Blaine Hair School in Hyannis, MA, and ever since then have continually taken formal classes from Paul Mitchell, Aguage, Martin Parsons as well as participating in Matrix seminars. I’ve honed my skill and passion for making clients look and feel glamorous. I pride myself on listening to clients’ needs to create personalized and gorgeous hair colors and styles; all while always keeping the integrity of their hair my top priority. I am a passionate person who not only loves doing hair, but loves the relationships I build with my clients. People travel out of city and state to experience my hair services. I will do everything in my power to make sure you have the best experience. I have high expectations of customer service, so I do my best to provide an exceptional experience for my clients.

I am inspired by all things beautiful, so I am constantly learning and bettering my talents as a stylist. I like to pride myself in my consultations and will not begin a hair service until you completely understand the look you are trying to achieve. When I do hair, I think of it as a team effort. Sure I have all my creative ideas, but it’s important to me to hear what your thoughts are.

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Education: Blaine Hair School

Experience: Full time "heaa"stylist

Style: wanna be rock-star